Sunday, September 22, 2013

Weekly Dinner List, Part 2

It's a challenging week this time around. While there is a payday in the middle of the week, right now the cupboards are looking a little bare! The fresh produce is gone, and so we will be scraping whatever we can find out of the freezer to round out the proteins (also from the freezer). I did manage to find some ground beef earlier, which I was sure we were out of, while I was putting together a care package for some loved ones. (Another reason I hoard food. Not only does it get us through tough times a little easier, it gives me the freedom to share the wealth with others when they need it.) A few whole chickens, a box of dry milk, a big bag of cornmeal, and a few other things went into a box and were delivered to a very good friend that had been let down by the food pantry this week. Not much, but it feels good to help.

Anyway, I have protein and starches, but we are low on vegetation, so this is what our week will look like, in no particular order:

Chile-rubbed Pork Roast with cheddar polenta and buttered peas
Chili and cornbread
Meatballs, broccoli, pasta
Baked Potato Soup
Skillet Potatoes with bacon and eggs
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork, sweet potatoes, and coleslaw
Leftover Night

As usual, depending on how I am feeling, dinners may be subsituted by tacos or pasta without warning.