Monday, September 30, 2013

Adventures in Gluten Free Pumpkin Bread

There has been a pumpkin sitting on my cheese board for about three weeks. It was an impulse buy that was fueled by cooling weather and autumn excitement. That gorgeous orange talks to me, telling tales of pie and bonfires and harvest celebrations.

He almost was named Ralphie. Ralphie was delicious.

But as pretty as it is, it taunts me. It challenges me to narrow down the vast plethora of recipes into one or two dishes. There is so much you can do with winter squash! Roast it, stuff it, turn it into soup, the list goes on. Inevitably, though, it ends up in pie or another baked good, and with good delicious reason!

Happy roasting, Ralphie!

My husband's pumpkin bread is famous in our family, but mostly because he used fresh roasted pumpkin instead of canned. And it was expected for a gathering. We had another recipe to hunt down! (Yes, I am still intimidated by converting a single recipe from gluten to non-gluten. Quiet you, that cornbread was just a fluke!)

I found several options, but several led me right back to my trusty go-to site, Art of Gluten Free Baking. I took the hint and used hers. Of course I took some liberties. I lowered the sugar and oil, added vanilla and dried cranberries. I may have undercooked it, because it was overly moist, but yummy just the same!

First run. Look at that lovely moist crumb!
The next day I made it double, with more changes. I creamed butter and sugar with the eggs instead of oil. Unfortunately I forgot to double the butter, so it was more on the dry side, but still very tasty!
I think somewhere in the middle of the two adaptations would be just right.