Saturday, May 4, 2013

What a week!

     Start a blog, then my appendix blows up! A week chained to the couch eating easy carb-packed food has left me desperate for real food. So, now that I am finally allowed to act like a human being again, I went to the Asian market and loaded up on veggies and the flours I was low on. (Yes, I know buying alternative flours from the Asian market is risky because of lead content, but I simply cannot afford/stand to pay for the domestic stuff!)
    Where was I? Oh, veggies! So, with a basket full of bok choy and egg plant and green onion and a whole bunch of other goodies, I came home and started chopping. I love chopping vegetables, it is so soothing and methodical. It's a little like meditation for me. When you stress out at least once a week trying to learn a new way of baking or making pizza, etc, it is nice to just sit back with something simple and familiar and go to town!
     I had thawed chicken legs that had been frozen in an Asian marinade, which I then chucked into the oven to roast. I made a HUGE plate of stir fried veggies and a pot of rice and POW, easy dinner that actually made me feel like I had cooked without completely wearing out my post-surgery butt (it was the grocery store trip with three little ones that did that).
    Tomorrow I get to slice up a few pounds of strawberries for the rumtopf and chop up a big vat of various lettuces so I have salad fodder for the week, and taking care of other various produce related chores as I revel in the planty goodness!
    The marinade I used for the chicken is here, although I use about a teaspoon of sugar instead of the liquid stevia. It is from the Wheat Belly cookbook.