Monday, April 22, 2013

To Blog or Not to Blog

      I'm gonna be honest, I never keep up with these things, but I actually have a theme this time and a growing passion that I am sure my friends and family are weary of hearing about. I'm Ursula, I am a stay at home mother with three kids, a dog, and a husband who works nights. The only time I get to myself is around midnight, and we are a gluten free household. Granted there are no formal diagnoses, but when your stomach swells 6 inches when you have two bites of a breaded chicken sandwich after 3 months of Paleo diet, it's enough to make one a believer.
     So, here I am, noshing on a batch of coconut almond cookies that are so buttery it's sinful, and grateful for the gluten free life. Oh, and it's 9 pm. The kids have been in bed for an hour, Honey Bear is due home from his last college course in 30 minutes, and Family Guy is on in the background while I type this on a temperamental laptop keyboard. It is a crazy, stressful, delicious and wonderful life.
     Oh, and those cookies that I if I didn't make them myself I would swear they had crack in them? Or powdered fairy wings and unicorn horns? Those are here. Proceed with caution.