Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bad Day in GF Land

Life rears it ugly head again!

It was a long day today, and long days are extra tough when there is a food allergy and a bad memory to juggle as well. I found myself in the middle of errands and suddenly realizing I had forgotten to put the chicken in the slow cooker. I also realized I was starving. It was lunchtime, I had people with me, and I couldn't make it home. My companions suggested I pick a safe restaurant to eat at, because they are awesome and amazing ladies who do not begrudge me my limitations, and off we went to Chickfila.

Eating at Chickfila is pretty easy around here because they have good gluten training, change gloves for special orders, and have separate fryers. The play zones are a huge bonus because they are hard to find now a days and I enjoy letting my toddler run around while I eat in relative peace. Its awesome.

Until they get your order wrong and you are too lazy and hungry to fix it, so you eat your bunless chicken sandwich without the bacon and cheese that would have provided enough fat to prevent you from getting hungry an hour later. -.-

Once home an emergency pizza order was made, and I was totally on board with this because that gave me an opportunity to try the Pillsbury gluten free pizza crust I had found at the grocery the other day. It calls for prebaking, but it was done start to finish in less than 30 minutes. I topped it with ham and pineapple, nom, and got very hungry smelling it bake. When it was done, I cut into it and was immediately disappointed. 

It's bad. Edible, but only because I was starving. The crust sagged when I picked up a slice. It is unpleasantly thick and chewy, and has the texture of play dough. The flavor is very processed. The whole experience felt like chewing a wet piece of cloth. None of the toppings stayed on the crust, either, they slid right off. I was hoping this stuff would be good, because then I could experiment with freezing it and using it for breadsticks, but alas. More processed junk.

So today, I am just hungry. And grumpy. Bah!