Monday, May 27, 2013

There is something cheesy about guilty pleaures

So I am not posting as regularly as I had hoped I would. That is okay, because this is just the beginning and it has yet to become habit to run here and chatter about the latest awesome foodie revelation that strikes my brain. It will eventually, trust me, and then you guys (if I even have any readers, who knows) will be begging me to shut up.

Like right now. Habits are forming because I just had my first bowl of macaroni and cheese in months and my mouth and tummy are very happy and I need a place to shout it from the cyber-rooftops. Mac and cheese is my guilty childhood pleasure that I never could kick. That blue box and I had a secret affair once upon a time and I always forget how much I miss that processed cheesy goodness until I make a box for the kids and steal a bite. I end up cleaning out the rest of the pot and if the kids are still hungry I chuck steamed veggies at them. That ended when gluten became poison because I loathed the thought of paying the prices I was seeing for pasta I was unsure would turn out right.

Enter that magical store Trader Joe's, with their rice mac that, although it was still way more pricey than conventional, was reasonable enough to take a chance on. Two boxes was enough to feed my three kids, and three dollars for a weekend lunch is not too shabby. They sat in my cupboard for two weeks before I finally made them, and now I am tempted to throw the brood in the car and drive across town just to buy more. The texture is great, the sauce is wonderful, and the neither I or the kids could tell the difference from the blue box, and in fact I think I prefer this brand anyway. The flavor is better and the sauce has a better, less slimy mouth feel.

Not my image, but, LOOK! My first blog photo!

Mama has her mac back, and maybe the blogging mojo will follow.