Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well, this is embarrassing

June was my last post. That is a long time. Unintentional, of course, and there is one good thing about my absence: plenty of stories to tell!

There have been many rumors and tales about gluten intolerance, one of them being that a person can grow out of it, or at least reduce the symptoms. The intestines renew themselves after six months, replacing damage and scarring from difficult digestions. The theory is that after six months with no fresh damage, i.e. no gluten, the intestines will once again be healthy and therefore able to process the devil's protein. July marked my six months clean, and as hard as I had tried to accept a gluten free lifestyle, the thought of being able to order a decent pizza again and chase it with Fig Newtons was too tempting to resist.

I broke diet, and for a time, I had no adverse reactions to gluten. As far as I was concerned, it was a miracle. It was like I had never been intolerant. I assumed it would last years, and was sure that another purge would rid me of future reactions. After a while I started to think that maybe the whole thing had been in my head. Stress and all, right? The blog fell by the wayside, the grain mill went unused.

About two months in, the gas started. The bloating kicked in, sporadically at first, and then it was a constant thing. I was hit with reality, and grudgingly took up a gluten free life again. Just like before, I struggled to get back in the band wagon, but it has been four days clean, and I think I am alright. The bloating is down, my pantry is stocked with the right stuff again. My family is eating conventionally, but family meals are safe and shared. I am back on the wagon and will be posting again soon.

Round 2 has arrived.